Karaoke Services

karaokeI provide Karaoke Services to various venues and private parties. I have worked for Karaoke Scene Magazine for over twenty years and been involved in the Karaoke industry for nearly thirty.

Karaoke Services Available:

For Private Parties & Special Events
(Weddings, Birthdays, Office Party, etc.)

For Club/Bar/Restaurants wanting a regular weekly show


There are several factors to consider when selecting a KJ. Here are a few:

    1. “Legal” Karaoke hosts have original discs – hard drives are NOT legal unless the KJ has the original (not burned) disc or registered purchases from a digital source for every track on the hard drive. Covers are not enough they must have the original manufacturer’s disc or receipt for online download purchases from the manufacturer.

    I am legal, in order to avoid lawsuits (which can cost the Venue & KJ thousands!)

    I have a collection of several thousand discs from various karaoke manufacturers that are copied to a hard drive. My Current karaoke selection consists of over one hundred thirty thousand songs with over forty thousand non-duplicated songs. Plus, I am always purchasing new music in order to keep my collection current and make the singers happy!

    Click here for my song list.

    2. Equipment that the KJ uses. Karaoke equipment can be extremely expensive. Anywhere from $1000 for low-end home equipment to upwards of $7500 for professional stage. My equipment cost is on the higher side of middle range, plus I am always upgrading for better.

    3. Karaoke Host personality & skills. I have been trained with some of the best sound engineers and KJs/Karaoke Hosts in order to provide a quality experience for the patrons. I am the M.C. for three major Southern California singing competitions part of the annual KaraokeFest (Creme de la Kids, Creme de la King & Creme de la Tributes) I also have done voice-overs in the past on several commercials.